Main Prospect

Experience the Unforgettable "Rickshaw Cold Brew" at Main Prospect, a Beloved Local Destination. Delight in their Crowd-Favorite "Espresso Martini" featuring our signature cold brew, and indulge in our Cold Brew Poured Over Ice, exclusively featured on their enticing after-dinner menu.


Flying Point Beach Food Truck

Quench your beach day thirst and elevate your experience with the irresistible flavors of Rickshaw Cold Brew, available at Flying Point Beach Food Truck.



Enhance your beach day with the ultimate hassle-free experience. Make a Beachampton reservation at one of the stunning local beaches and elevate your relaxation with a refreshing addition: Rickshaw Cold Brew. Discover the perfect beachside companion by adding a delightful bottle of Rickshaw Cold Brew to your reservation. For more information, visit the Beachampton website and unlock a day of seaside bliss like never before.


Local Provisions

Experience culinary excellence at Local Provisions, a Westhampton Beach favorite. Chef Jenn curates a menu of exceptional dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Pair your meal with a refreshing Rickshaw Cold Brew for a truly satisfying dining experience. You won't be disappointed.


Little Gull Cafe

Discover Rickshaw Cold Brew at Little Gull Cafe. Enjoy our incredible coffee poured over ice alongside locally curated meals. Located in the historic Speonk train station building, Little Gull offers seasonal, comforting cuisine with friendly service and a curated selection of wine and beer on tap. Indulge in breakfast, homemade baked goods, and artfully crafted comfort foods. Experience the perfect blend of flavors at Little Gull Cafe, where Rickshaw Cold Brew elevates your dining experience.